My Mobile (GSM) Journey …

S. No. Mobile Image Operator Technology Period
1 Motorola T190  Motorola-T190-01 Airtel GSM 2002-05
2 Nokia 1100  nokia Airtel GSM 2005-08
3 Samsung E1410  samsunge1410 Airtel GSM 2008-10
4 Samsung Alias 2  SCHU750HAAVZW_PA-L_1 Verizon Wireless CDMA 2010-11
5 Samsung Gusto  274402-samsung-gusto-sch-u360-verizon-wireless Verizon Wireless CDMA 2011
6 Cricket MSGM8 4  msgm8III Cricket Wireless CDMA 2011-12
7 LG Optimus  lgoptimus Virgin Mobile CDMA 2012
8 Samsung Dart  samsungdart T-Mobile GSM 2012-13
9 Samsung Galaxy Express samsung-galaxy-express AT&T GSM 2013-

A Thanksgiving trip to New York

The Thanksgiving Weekend is always a memorable weekend at least in this part of the world. Though it is observed on a Thursday most of the corporate houses give Friday as a paid holiday to facilitate their workforce to take a bit of vacation. The sequence is as below:

  1. 4th Thursday of November: Thanksgiving
  2. Day After Thanksgiving: Wonderful deals at retail outlets
  3. Thanksgiving Weekend (Sat & Sun)
  4. Cyber Monday: Wonderful deals through online shopping websites.

This Thanksgiving we (the N@shua Novelty team) planned out for a trip to New York. Incidentally it also coincides with one of our team members to receive his fiance from India and accompany her to Detroit, Mi from NY. Here was our agenda:

  1. Wednesday afternoon–> Start off to South Station Boston to catch the New York bound Greyhound Bus.
  2. Thursday  –>Sight seeing
  3. Friday –> Sight seeing
  4. Saturday afternoon –> Start back to New Hampshire after lunch

We did package another subtle official work of one of our room mate’s passport renewal at Consulate General of India office. Unlike other places, hotels in New York are a bit expensive and hence we did book a couple of hotels for one day intervals.

Some of the hallmark events of this trip were:

  1. Thursday: Macy’s Day Parade and The Empire State Building observatories.
  2. Friday: Battery NY, Staten Island NY and a cruise around the Statue of Liberty.

LDVoyage Migration gives rise to new software

A couple of posts on the topic ( has seeded a lot of attention among many people with a spurt of requests coming in for the migration scripts. I had already shared the migration scripts in the following posts:

  1. (Linux or Cygwin only)
  2.  (All Platforms)

I hope these are useful for everyone. Do send me your feedback on these tools.

An independence day stroll on Hampton Beach

July 4 this year is on Wednesday. Hence a few were needing to take two to four days off to make best their vacation celebrations spree. When it comes to holidays, it is little trouble with good mexican restaurants because Chipotle and Qdoba often observe Federal holidays for their employees as well.  Adding to this, the hot weather in an other mountainous region was making one to sweat like a pig.

Towards the evening, a few of us were planning to visit a neighborhood temple. But then the plans changed because there were fireworks show at the beach too. We started to beach around 4.30 PM and after about an hour and a half drive reached Hampton Beach.  There was about two miles of traffic piled even before the beach and the vehicle had to literally inch forward.

Fortunately we could figure out a quick parking lot to pull up the vehicle and start on a leisure stroll on the beach, amidst the light hustle and bustle of crackers/fireworks. The actual fireworks by the township was slated to go live at 08:30 PM.  The beach ‘attractions’ were indeed galore including a few historic monuments near the shore.

There was a small dias setup near the shore and a light music program was in progress. Perhaps a stage near the sea shore brought me a fond recall of Marina Beach in Chennai which had boasted a historic ‘Seerani Arangam’. Unfortunately due to political reasons this is no more after 2003.

The photos could be found from my blog page here.

A Memorable Memorial Day Longest Road Trip to Panama City Beach (‘Kadalora Kavithaigal’)

This long weekend for Memorial Day had been a memorable day for me. After a brief stay at Kentucky it was time for me to move ahead to Oregon in short. We planned out a little long road trip instead of just flying down to Panama Beach City. It was around 9 hours drive through Nashville (TN), Atlanta (GA) and touching through Texas borders it enters into Panama City in the sunshine state.

Little did I realize that my Gurudev had another Kadalora Kavithaigal engineered in parallel. But that is another story, in line of Thendral serial of Vikatan in SunTV.

31 May 2012

My room mate called me around 4 PM to pick me from workplace so that we can get set go on the road trip around 6 PM. After packing up the required things, we started around 6 PM towards Atlanta GA. On the way, we had a brief halt near Chattanoga TN for dinner. The state of agriculture and commerce (Tennessee) had a distinct respect for me. One of my first homesteading was based out of /TN/ without much knowledge of the state/country itself. You can check out the same at

After a slow sojourn through Nashville TN  (with tears),  we reached Atlanta around 1 AM to catch a brief wink of sleep at Marriot in Atlanta Downtown.

1st June 2012

We resumed our flagship journey towards the beach haven around 7 AM. After a brief breakfast on the suburbs of Atlanta and a little furore-fun near Alabama, we reached Panama hotel around 6 PM.  How would I look calling it as Goa of the West or should Goa be called Panama of India?

2nd June 2012

We did have a few beachside strolls and visits to neighborhood places in the city. The beach itself is quite enough to hold you enthralled in Her elegance and eloquence of Her roaring waves. La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

After an aggressive night prowls and patrols till 2 AM we returned back to the hotel to take brief rest.

3rd June 2012

After quick breakfasts and packups we planned two quick activities before starting back to our routine work. The state park and boat rides.  After relishing on these and empowered with a good lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we started back on home-bound trip. The cops did join us in the party. We were gifted with a ‘overspeeding ticket’ near Alabama.

Our initial plan was to pull up near Nashville TN around 12 AM and resume the journey to avoid a non-stop journey. But by the time we touched Nashville it was 3 AM and rather than disturbing our weekday schedules we decided to finish off the journey by another one and half hour drive. Did I skip a nap in the lap of Nashville or was it good for obvious reasons?