A Thanksgiving trip to New York

The Thanksgiving Weekend is always a memorable weekend at least in this part of the world. Though it is observed on a Thursday most of the corporate houses give Friday as a paid holiday to facilitate their workforce to take a bit of vacation. The sequence is as below:

  1. 4th Thursday of November: Thanksgiving
  2. Day After Thanksgiving: Wonderful deals at retail outlets
  3. Thanksgiving Weekend (Sat & Sun)
  4. Cyber Monday: Wonderful deals through online shopping websites.

This Thanksgiving we (the N@shua Novelty team) planned out for a trip to New York. Incidentally it also coincides with one of our team members to receive his fiance from India and accompany her to Detroit, Mi from NY. Here was our agenda:

  1. Wednesday afternoon–> Start off to South Station Boston to catch the New York bound Greyhound Bus.
  2. Thursday ¬†–>Sight seeing
  3. Friday –> Sight seeing
  4. Saturday afternoon –> Start back to New Hampshire after lunch

We did package another subtle official work of one of our room mate’s passport renewal at Consulate General of India office. Unlike other places, hotels in New York are a bit expensive and hence we did book a couple of hotels for one day intervals.

Some of the hallmark events of this trip were:

  1. Thursday: Macy’s Day Parade and The Empire State Building observatories.
  2. Friday: Battery NY, Staten Island NY and a cruise around the Statue of Liberty.