Monday evening trip to Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

For a while I had been planning to visit Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple but had been postponing it due to some reason or other. Yesterday started a bit early and caught G3 till St. Johns Hospital. Then took KBS 3E till Majestic. From there I took another bus to Malleswaram 15th Cross. After enquiring the address with a couple of shopkeepers reached the temple at around 7.45 PM. It was the evening pooja time and bali peetams were being offered food and thaligai aradhanai to perumal. At around 8 the sanctum sanctorum opened for darshan. Had a good darshan of Perumal. After going through the small line had a glimpse of Perumal very near. Back side of sanctum sanctorum resembles Singaperumal Koil near Tambaram (caved out of rock) and it seems even this Perumal is Swayambhu (came all by Himself). There was lemon rice Prasadam distribution.

Other sannidhis in the temple are:

  1. Sri Chakrathazhwar (with Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar)
  2. Utsava Murthy
  3. Sri Anjaneyar (Chiriya Thiruvadi)

The temple has U mark meaning vadakalai temple and yellow colored indicating affiliation to Ahobila Mutt. When I came out of the temple, I could see three other temples in the vicinity, though did not have time to enter them:

  1. Sri Ganapathy/Murugan temple (hillock)
  2. Sri Gangai Amma Temple
  3. Sri Siva Temple

The contact address for Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is below (for any devotees’ quick reference):

Address: 15th Cross Road, Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003, India

A trip to Melkote Vairamudi Sevai

It is time of the year when Melkote (aka) Thirunarayanapuram assumes a lot of pride and crowd because the Lord of the town (Sri Cheluva Narayana Pillai) would be bedecked with a diamond crown and taken procession throughout the town. On March 19th I started from Bangalore to Mysore. Though I had to get down at Pandavapura station, I was in deep sleep and hence reached Mysore station and caught the return train back to Pandavapura around 5.45. A few of them in our team were coming from Chennai in Kaveri Express which reached Pandavapura at 6.10 AM.

After hiring an auto for temple visits en route to Melkote we started on our pilgrimage. The first stop was bathing ghat at Srirangapatna. Then worship at Srirangapatna temple. Hanuman here before the Lord is beautiful. From here the next stop was Thondanur. The Lakshmi Narasimha temple here on the hill is nice one and beautiful face of the Lord like a kid lion (cub). After having a visit to two other temples downhill of Sri Parthasarathy and Perumal temple, besides a view of Thondanur lake (which is famous since Sri Ramanuja times) we proceeded towards Melkote. The traffic was stopped at the perimeter of Melkote and we had to keep changing autos to reach inside the town.

We managed to get a locker in a Sri Ramanuja Choultry to store the baggages so that we can comfortably have darshan of the Lord. We then managed to get one darshan of the Lord Chelvanarayana Pillai amidst a long line rotating around the temple. Towards night after the first glimpse of Vairamudi, we waited outside the temple itself till 5 AM for Rajamudi. After looking both we came back to choultry. We then had a quick bath in Ahobila Mutt nearby and went to Sri Yoga Narasimha temple on the hill nearby. After completing the darshan, came down and found the bus to Pandavapura. I felt the bus travel from Melkote to Pandavapura almost similar to my trip from Pune to Pandharpur for strange reasons of weather and/or bus conditions.

We managed to get the train to Bangalore and reached Bangalore around 5 PM via Basava Express. Then after a quick visit to Roopena Agrahara Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple, the Chennai bound team returned to Majestic to catch the onward train and I returned back to my home near Koramangala.

Pilgrimage Spots in Selaiyur

Selaiyur is the suburban area of Chennai and part of East Tambaram. The following are some of the important temples that can be considered visiting during your trip here:


A Trip to Trichy

I had a meeting with a German-based company on March 13 2016 and hence started on March 12 2016 from Shanti Nagar. I took the KR Market bus to Shanti Nagar but missed the Hopcoms bus stop and hence had to figure out a way back walking for 10 to 15 minutes with the luggage bag. Interestingly at that time of the night there weren’t much autos to call too. The bus reached Trichy through Salem/Namakkal by 5 PM. When the bus reached Trichy I was in deep sleep. The hustle and bustle of Trichy bus stand was so interesting that I thought the bus is standing near some railway level crossing and hawkers are shouting. When I just woke up, the bus was all empty and hence realized the destionation had already reached. The conductor was surprised to see me just barging out because he was about to move the bus to the depot.

I took a bus to Srirangam for an accomodation in Vijayawada choultry where I stayed an year back during another pilgrimage. After having breakfast in Srirangam headed to Karumandapam and the meeting went till 3 PM. We had ordered some pizzas for lunch. After heading out of Karumandapam, I went to the following temples:

  1. Woraiyur Vekkali temple. I got the opportunity to get the darshan of the Lordess in very close proximity besides the darshan of Golden Chariot procession.
  2. Woraiyur Nachiar temple.

Then I headed back to Srirangam Choultry for dinner and night halt.  On the way I was planning to visit Thiruvanaikkaval but it was too late then.

The next day morning got a bus after breakfast and quick darsan of Ranganayaki, Mettazhagiya Singar in Srirangam headed to Chatram Bus Stand to go to Gunaseelam Prasanna Venkatachalapathy Swami temple After darshan of the Lord, took the Tanjore bus to alight at Toll-Gate to reach Samayapuram. Samayapuram was little crowdy because the next day there was a Poocheridal function. After having darshan of the Lordess took the bus to Thiruvanaikka. For some reason I always get to visit Thiruvanaikka in the afternoon and it becomes too difficult to walk through the prakaram from Akilandeswari Sannidhi to outside the temple.

By evening tried to visit Srirangam temple. The crowd was too much for even INR 250 and crowd management was pathetic. Hence just replied to Sri Ranganatha as “vAzhndhE pOm nIrE” on the lines of Thirumangai Azhwar for Parimala Ranganathan in Thiruindhalur.

Around 9 PM reached Central Bus Stand again and after brief dinner got the bus back to Shanti Nagar.

Shivarathri Trip to Taverkere Ayyappa Temple

7th March 2016 was Shivarathri and hence I had the following three temples in my agenda:


  1. Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Temple
  2. Sri Arunachaleswara Temple (SG Palya)
  3. Sri Ayyappa Temple (Taverkere).

The first one ruled out because the temple manager told me that we can stay for the full night. The second was too small to hold a big crowd. So I chose the third one. I started around 5.30 PM from work to reach home and proceed to the temple. But the day long fasting had kind of exhausted me that I slept in the bus and when I woke up it had crossed Adugudi. So I let go the bus and returned in the same one to Forum Mall. After reaching room, quickly freshened up to visit (2). I had some tasks to complete and after completing it proceeded to (3) around 9 PM.

The (3) had following schedules for Abhishekam on 7th/8th March 2016.

  1. 9 PM
  2. 12 AM
  3. 3 AM
  4. 6 AM

The temple also showed extreme hospitality by serving tea at 3.30 AM and 5.30 AM to keep the devotees away from dozing off. The priests did very excellent job of patiently reciting the Rudram and Chamakam for all the poojas without feeling any sort of tiredness.

  1. [Taverkere Ayyappan Temple]