Wintry Pilgrimage to Kurukshetra

Had been a while since I moved in North India but haven’t taken any pilgrimage or trip. Hence I thought over the Christmas I would plan a visit to Kurukshetra in Haryana. Saturday morning I caught the bus to Jind in Haryana to meet a friend and from there caught the passenger train to Kurukshetra that reached around 9 PM. Winter was already at its peak and chill winds ransacking the region.  I managed to reach Gaudiya Mutt in Kurukshetra which offered us a night’s accommodation and then next day morning we had a visit of the following in Kurukshetra amidst the thick blanket of white fog.

  1. Brahma Sarovar
  2. Bheeshma Kund

And a few more temples. And then we reached Kurukshetra junction from where we caught an express train to reach New Delhi by evening.