Transferred to SP Infocity (Phursungi)

I was transferred to a different business unit at SP Infocity (Phursungi) instead of GDC for the rest of the days till my transfer to Chennai gets materialized. My residence was at Talwade. So it was a diagnolly opposite directional trip across the city. Thankfully, GDC bus route was available though it was little long travel.

Right at 7.45 AM the bus starts to Phursungi and after work the bus starts back at 5.40 PM to reach back at 7.25 (provided there is manageable traffic). Unlike GDC which was all our company, Phursungi SP Infocity was a shared multi-tenanted campus shared by many other IT giants like TCS, AllState etc.


Ghost Dreams after a travel through Panvel, Talegaon and Lonavala toll plaza (thanks to CID)

After landing in India at Mumbai from Chicago yesterday night caught the KK Travels chartered taxi services to Pune and reached Siddhi Home Base at around 2 AM. Initially for time being I was put in room number 212. Having watched a lot of CID serials involving haunted places around Lonavala, Talegaon and crime spots there, in this trip whenever I crossed each of the toll plaza, those episodes were flashing through my mind. And after reaching place for some reason I felt uneasy and slept like that.

Around 4 AM, I woke up with a jolt and switched on the lights. My roomie asked what happened. I told for some reason felt uncomfortable and hence to leave the lights on for some time. It took a day or two for me to restore back to normalcy thanks to the virtual tour between the toll plazas in CID episode and real trip through the places courtesy KK Travels.

Flight Delayed (AI 127)

Feb 1 was my return to India from Chicago after completion of my project. Feb 1 weather prediction at Chicago was heavy snowstorm. Right at the time of starting from my home I could see this. The taxi got stuck in the deep snow and the neighbor helped to get the vehicle out of the mess. After ferrying through the snow covered roads reached airport at around 2 PM CST. I was little overweight in my luggage and hence had to pay a bit more for extra luggages. We boarded the aircraft and were served lunch. A few minutes later was the announcement that the flight is canceled and we would be accomodated in a airlines provided accomodation for a night because of heavy snow storm and low visibility.

That night we stayed in Holiday Inn. We got new friends — Singh, Arti and Krishna Kumar. It was Arti’s birthday too. It should have been a memorable birthday for her similar to the Payanam episode where the girl has her birthday amidst the hijacked drama of Chennai – Delhi flight. ┬áThe next day morning we started to airport after the breakfast. Going through the TSA security checks we boarded the flight to India.

Once we reached New Delhi and having cleared the immigration there was another confusion because of two flights coming in at the same time. Fortunately figured out the flight to Mumbai and boarded the same.