Bye bye, India!

Just today morning I got the confirmation from my end-client that my trip to United States Washington DC has been confirmed. Hence instead of destination Pune, I would need to board the Qatar airways flight tonight to fly down to Washington DC (IAD) on a long term at least for an year or so.

At least for the past couple of months a lot of things had happened which sweeped in a good deal of imbalance in my life and mental tranquility. This sojourn voyage, which can be called either as Agnyaatha Vaasam or Vanavaasam is expected to restore the tranquility back. Hopefully, LD is resuscitated and blessed with a fresh lease of life along with a rational (if not radical) renaissance of breath. Wish me!



A trip to Thirunallar

Yesterday night I had a scheduled pilgrimage trip to Thirunallar. I am moving off Chennai in a day or two. Before that I have a humble feeling that I need to worship Shani and not sure when would be my trip back to Tamil Nadu again. The trip to CMBT was during the peak hour and somehow managed to get a seat near the driver.

Whilst the bus was nearing Ashok Pillar my mobile was beeping with a near-dear number based in the city of Trichinopoly flashing. Though the call started calmly, I could sense a storm in it. I virtually capsized at the cyclonic siege of the storm. Whilst my stand through the issues that have been prevailing throughout was to ensure peace and integrity this particular call literally branded me ‘violently guilty’ of everything.

After the wireless ruckus for forty minutes was over, I called my better half to see if she at home is getting that call. In many ways, I feel, she is better than me handling such seiges and she instantly diagnosed as an emotional outburst and could silence the other parties in no time besides beaming of ray of hope and peace to me in a remote control fashion.

We managed to get the bus to Pondicherry and from there reached Thirunallar in the morning. After the holy dip in the temple tank we visited the temple. The queue at the temple was stretching even beyond the entrance. Braving the sun we managed to enter the temple after some visit. We had darshan of the deities and came out around 10.30 PM. After quick bites of lunch in nearby restaurants we got the next bus towards Chennai.

Since the bus was on the Villupuram route, I could easily get down at Tambaram instead of reaching till CMBT and coming back again.

The morning dedicated to my better half …

Today is my sweet-heart’s birthday. We know our works will keep us busy and tight-lipped in the evenings and we would not be able to go together anywhere considering the US timings our work falls to. Hence we thought we would focus and concenterate on visiting a few neighborhood shrines and elders in the morning itself.

With the Sun slowly gaining prowess and the clock moving fast towards the two-hour permission we had sought for, it was a good celebration for her.

Happy Birthday, Lavanya! Have a blast!

A date with Airtel and Friendly Back Support of BSNL …

A whilst back I reported that I have converted my Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid. In 48 hours there was a pleasant turning point. Instead of converting the account to prepaid these guys restricted the account because they didn’t receive the identification documents. Interestingly the center which processed my migration was Airtel Relationship Center in Chetput.

Since anyways I had a trip towards Mylapore I just paid a visit to Oceanic Towers (Santhome) to see what it was. The guys as usual didn’t have anything concrete other than to take a fresh copy of the application and documents. Hopefully now they have the documents in fact because it was submitted in Airtel headquarters of Chennai itself. I really wonder how much paper consumption these guys are making because of their ‘shady’ activities.

The migration seemed to be taking 48 hours but I badly needed a connection because a few incidents that was happening currently in my day to day life was like that. BSNL came to my rescue. There was a BSNL franchise in Santhome who helped me out with a Pay As You Go plan and the connection was activated just in one hour.

Waiting for the number portability to strike and then I think we need to throw off Airtel.

A Visit to Sodexo Chennai Office

I had briefly mentioned about my visit to Sodexo Chennai in my recent post in Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid here. I almost had about 3000 INR worth of Sodexo coupons which had expired last year. The reason for expiry was that I was thinking it was pocketpicked and lost in a trip to Bangalore. But the catch was that I had misplaced it my Bangalore friends house. He found the same whilst he was cleaning his apartment and couriered the same to me. Whilst the Sodexo Call Center was courteously guiding me that after a 20 per cent deduction the same can be revalidated the Chennai office was unduly delaying. I wasn’t sure if they were expecting something ‘under-table’ or ‘over-table’ illegal gratifications.

Today I just thought would figure this out and paid a personal visit to Sodexo Chennai office. After a long haggling one Mr. Seshan (assistant to Sodexo Chennai head Mr. Anoop Nambiar) agreed to send me the exact vouchers and on receipt of which I needed to register post the coupons to them.

Postpaid to prepaid …

The number portability is currently being planned out in the country. Besides the same my current mobile bills are little going out of control. Hence I was seriously considering to see if I can move the postpaid bills to pay as you go plans.  Today I took a day off and made a visit to Bharti Airtel showroom in Chetput.  Are you surprised why did I travel all the way to Chetput from Tambaram when there are so many Airtel showrooms out en route. That is another story. I needed to visit Sodexo India office to get some of the expired coupons validated. Let me describe it in a separate post.

The Airtel Showroom wanted a separate application form to be filled along with a couple of address and identification proofs. Whilst I could get the photocopy of my driving license and the PAN card at a nearby xerox shop I had to wait a while at a nearby photo studio to get the photographs. I paid the outstanding balance till date and surrendered the postpaid connection. They gave a time of twenty four hours after which my mobile would start ticking in Pay As You Go (aka) prepaid plans.

After finishing these I took my journey to workplace. Today I had swapped my work to night-shift because of the day-long processes which I had to complete.