Long weekend vacation to Chennai

The caption might look strange because Chennai is considered a hot place and its closest proximity to the ‘Sun City’ of Vellore. However had a few commitments and hence chose Chennai for this weekend schedule.

  1. SETC has improved a lot. You need not travel to CMBT and then fight through the traffic to reach suburban areas like Tambaram and Chengalput. There are direct buses from/to Shanti Nagar to Tambaram although the frequencies are limited. The bus plies through Chengalput or Padappai.
  2. The weather as usual is shitty and sultry and sucks thanks the previous regime of DMK and the so-called Flyover Minister (MK Stalin) signed scammy deals in favor of his partymen to construct lot of flyovers by deforesting the city and usurping private lands.
  3. A few government departments publicly presented a good gesture but their inertia and weather issues were a kind of irritant to me.
  4. Wherever you commute in the city, buses might be less but autos often block your way seeking to offer a ride for exorbitant rates. I think we should recommend naming Chennai as ‘Auto City’. After all, ‘Auto Shankar’ the dreaded mafia who was hung to death a few years back hailed from Chennai and had tough unbreakable unholy nexus with a lot of politicians and law enforcement keeping them in his control too.
  5. Whenever I stay in Chennai other mundane tasks preempt me off visiting holy places. Perhaps this makes me brand Chennai as a ‘Sin City’.
  6. The two month long dental pain finally found a relief thanks to my dentist, which sends a good positive note.

Back to business early hours of Tuesday!


Another magic preview of article from @Facebook regarding my @WordPress posts

After posting an article about Bangalore, the Facebook is pulling out some of the older posts and images from my sibling blog and shows it as a preview. Interestingly those blogs are not hyperlinked in the specified posts.

Looks like the secret of the preview can be unraveled only Facebook Developers team. Except for KSR status the other two images are from sister blogs.

Uff! Uff! A tiring trip from MRBS to Electronic City

This is a follow-up of my weekend pilgrimage to Maddur. Since the bus stopped at MRBS (Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand), I had to catch a bus to Kengeri Bus Stand first because there are no buses to Electronic City from there. Again from Kengeri it is a long haul bus 378 which takes a arduous ordeal route from Kengeri to Electronic City.

The bumpy roads, bad motoring, nasty traffic conditions of Bangalore besides the 2 PM hot weather was intensely tiresome that no sooner did I reach home than I just thought would take a deep sleep and woke up only by 8 PM.

I think BBMP needs a thorough visit of the route map for 378 (Kengeri to Electronic City) and repair the roads at the earliest.

The secret history of KBS (Majestic) Bus stand in #Bangalore

The Majestic bus stand is known as the central point where entrants and transiters to Bangalore often visit. However as of now the junction points have been divided between it and its peers at Shanti Nagar and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand. However the prominence and significant of Majestic Bus Stand can not be undermined.

  1. The bus stand was named as Kempegowda Bus Stand by one of the former chief ministers of Karnataka in honor of the person who created Bangalore city.
  2. The area of Majestic was previously a big water body a few centuries back. After the water body dried completely and it was confirmed that it can not be a water body henceforth, the place was converted to a bus stand.

Of late there is also a metro station being constructed in the area besides the presence of KBS Bus Station. Also since February 2016, the Bangalore city railway station has been renamed as Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Bangalore railway station however the short code SBC remains the same. KSR was one of the freedom fighters from Belgaum and you can see a statue of KSR near Majestic railway station.

How does @twitter @support intelligently preview #Sholinghur for #Maddur?

Recently I blogged my travel to Maddur here and twitter shows a preview of Sholinghur railway station in the photo. Interestingly I haven’t mentioned about Sholinghur anywhere in the post. Except the subtle fact that both places are Narasimha temples. However there is a difference. Sholinghur is Yoga Narasimha and Maddur is UgraNarasimha.

Perhaps Twitter developers are best to answer the query based on their preview algorithms.

Weekend trip to Maddur Sri Ugra Narasimha Temple

This weekend (5/21) I had a small dilemma because there were multiple temple functions colliding with each other:

  1. 5/20 Hosur Sri Abhayahasta Swayambhu Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (Narasimha Jayanthi)
  2. 5/21 Kanchipuram Garuda Sevai
  3. Visit to Maddur (sourced from Narasimha Darshanam series)

Finally decided on (3). I started early in the morning at about 4 AM and caught the bus to majestic (KBS). It reached around 5.30 AM. After a long crowd at the KSR SBC Bangalore City Railway Station, managed to get the ticket to Maddur. At 6.30 there was a train (Hubli – Mysore Hampi Express). The train reached Maddur around 7.45 PM. The temple was around 3 KMs from the railway station and hence hired an auto for the same.

The temple was scheduled to open only by 8.30 AM. So had a circumambulation of the shrine and visited the following temples:

  1. Sri Ugra Narasimha temple
  2. Sri Varadaraja temple (just next to (1))
  3. Sri Pattabhisheka Rama temple (behind (1))

The Narasimha here is looks little ferocious with Hiranyakashipu on his lap. Prahlada and Garudazhwar near the Thiruvadi of the Lord.

The priest was telling that the special feature of the temple is to conduct Thirumanjanam (three consecutive Thirumanjanams) and the Lord will grant the boons.

After completing the darshan caught the KSRTC bus bound to Bangalore. Interestingly return trip was only till Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand and had maneuver through the traffic to reach Electronic City.

Weekend trip to Mudigere Sri Yoga Narasimha Swami Temple

Since Friday had another long corollary trip, we were thinking of clubbing a trip to Mudigere Sri Yoga Narasimha Swami temple. Here is the  narration of the travel from Bangalore to Mudigere and back.

  1. We had booked a bus from Bangalore to Hassan at around 22:30. The good point with KSRTC is that you are not at the whims and fancies of timekeepers and conductors since the bus number is texted to you about 15 to 30 minutes before the departure time.  The bus reached Hassan around 3 AM. After a wait for about an hour and a half, caught the next bus bound to Arisikere and alighted at Dudha. From Dudha, you need to hire an auto to Mudigere temple.This writer has compiled the phone numbers of two auto drivers who are known to offer rides for pilgrims to/from Mudigere temple. Here are the contact numbers:
    • Kumar: +91 99450 21951
    • Manjunath: +91 99012 07715
  2. Reached Mudigere around 6.30 AM. The priest Sri Sridhar helped with bathing and arrangements near the temple even though the temple opens only by 10 AM. Meantime we had a visit to nearby Omkareshwar temple which is packed with sculptures all over its walls. We had the bliss of seeing the Rudrabhishekam at 8.30 AM. After coming out of the temple had a quick glimpse of Hanuman temple. It is an old temple but it was closed during our visit.
  3. In our Lakshmi Narasimha temple, there was Manjakappu and Thirumanjanam. After that there was prasadam distribution. The famous prasadam in this temple is curd rice. The priest numbers for quick contact are:
    • Sridhar: +91 99452 99923
    • Ananthakrishna: +91 99020 63911
  4. After darshan, took the auto back to Dudha and reached by 2 PM. The Hassan bound bus reached bus stand from Dudha by 3 PM. After a wait for two hours, our Bangalore bound non-stop bus started at 5 PM and reached Bangalore around 8.30 PM.