A weekend break from melancholic monotony …

It was Guru Purnima friday and I had a quick meeting for the same in my friend’s residence at North Carolina. Since it was a last minute arrangement I only could get the tickets through Atlanta.  I had a few presentations to prepare which took the whole of Thursday night. On Thursday evening whilst visiting Panda Express, I caught hold of a taxi cab driver who helped in early morning drive to the airport and pickup around Saturday night.

The one-stop flight at Atlanta was a little solace and the two hour and 45 minute flight helped catch winks of sleep. I did have a trip to Atlanta exactly an year back but the occasion then was Sri Ahobila Mutt Inc. (USA) Annual Day functions.

A few snaps from this trip are shared here.

And today when I logged onto my email some one sent me a divine picture of Sri Ahobila Mutt Sannidhi which I would like to share here: