First Day in Chennai (after a long hiatus)

After a long gap of five years now I am stepping into Chennai. A few things in my plate were to get a local cellular connection and then report to my workplace in DLF. So I took a few photographs at the local photo studio in Porur and went to BSNL Telephone Exchange in Karappakkam. It had been 10.15 and the staff weren’t in yet. And then at 10.30 she handed over the SIM. I just overlooked and it was a Nano SIM instead of MicroSIM (despite repeated reminders). Only in the afternoon I noticed but she was refusing to exchange. So went to a shop nearby and got a SIM adapter to use the Nano SIM in my MicroSIM slot. ¬†I also reported to my new workplace at DLF at around 11.45.

Initially I thought I should change always multiple buses but then discovered in the afternoon a direct bus from Elango Nagar to Porur (16 J — Chennai CMBT to Ayyappanthangal). Thank you, MTC.


Meru introduces me to App-based Taxi Services

Today morning I alighted from Mumbai Mail to Chennai at around 06.40 AM. With a heavy suitcase on hand,  commuting on a bus is quite herculean task. So I was just wondering what would be the better cost-effective route. Hiring a auto or taxi would cost a fortune. I had seen an advertisement about Meru Cabs and tried to quickly download it on my phone using 3G. And Meru Cabs came in a few minutes. It was an air-conditioned cab. I was quite concerned whether that is going to be little pricey.

But as the destination reached the meter pronounced the bill as 6 Rs. (Total 156. 150 Promo Code + 6 rs. to Pay). The total amount from Chennai Central to Virugambakkam in a private cab for me was 6 (less than what is charged by even Metropolitan Transport Corporation.