A walk down up-to Festival Lane in festive spirits

With the corporate responsibilities and initiations duly complete yesterday, today I have a few more small commitments to accomplish:

  1. I have to visit some pharmacy because for some reason the tooth is aching because of acute chill. I don’t have a sweater too now.
  2. A few groceries for the week.

I was gathering information from the neighbors and had to walk down a few miles up to Festival Lane where there is a shop called ‘Global Foods’ where you get Asian food. For some reason, Manassas is devoid of Indian restaurants and grocery stores. Unfortunately, the bus service here does not run over weekends either. Taxi cabs are pretty costly and at least till the next pay check comes in, I have to manage with just $120 in my account here. And that is going to be another month and a half. Scary right?

On the way, had an opportunity to drop in at CVS where I got a good sweater because the weather is pinching cold. And after one hour strolling returned back to home around 11.30 to catch a quick wink of sleep.


A visit to the neighborhood bank …

For the past couple of days I have been struggling to get a bank account opened online. Because I still do not have an active Social Security and I have only recently applied for it, the brands like Bank of America and a few other online facilities are reluctant to extend banking relationship with me. My employer wants me to furnish the information for setting up the payroll and pertinent stuff.

Hence today I set on on a neighborhood stroll of finance window shopping. I found out a bank called BB&T (FDIC approved) and inquired with them whether they can help out with an account.  They were glad to open one with my passport and with a pre-condition that I would need to furnish them the social once it comes in after two weeks. Before I started, I also got the following from my client to fulfill the same.

  1. An bonafide offer of employment certifying my residence in the vicinity.
  2. The reimbursement of travel expenses (paid in INR and reimbursed in $) which I can use to open the bank account.

With the blessings of my Lord, sowed the sweet seeds of banking relationship in the land of immigrants.

A trip to the social security office!

A day after arrival in United States with a responsibility of deriving my basic bread and butter here.  The first responsibilities I was entrusted at the client’s place was to get the social security number. My earlier trips to Dallas had already fortified me the modus operandi of navigation in this country. So launched my Google Maps horses to find out the nearest Social Security Office, took the appropriate printouts. My manager (Jerry L Hampton) offered me with a ride to Social Security Office.

I had to be in the queue for at least forty five minutes after which my token number was called to verify the i94 and  pertinent job documents after which the application for Social Security was accepted.  After a quick bites in the nearest Tacobells, we returned back to work around 2 PM.