An independence day stroll on Hampton Beach

July 4 this year is on Wednesday. Hence a few were needing to take two to four days off to make best their vacation celebrations spree. When it comes to holidays, it is little trouble with good mexican restaurants because Chipotle and Qdoba often observe Federal holidays for their employees as well.  Adding to this, the hot weather in an other mountainous region was making one to sweat like a pig.

Towards the evening, a few of us were planning to visit a neighborhood temple. But then the plans changed because there were fireworks show at the beach too. We started to beach around 4.30 PM and after about an hour and a half drive reached Hampton Beach.  There was about two miles of traffic piled even before the beach and the vehicle had to literally inch forward.

Fortunately we could figure out a quick parking lot to pull up the vehicle and start on a leisure stroll on the beach, amidst the light hustle and bustle of crackers/fireworks. The actual fireworks by the township was slated to go live at 08:30 PM.  The beach ‘attractions’ were indeed galore including a few historic monuments near the shore.

There was a small dias setup near the shore and a light music program was in progress. Perhaps a stage near the sea shore brought me a fond recall of Marina Beach in Chennai which had boasted a historic ‘Seerani Arangam’. Unfortunately due to political reasons this is no more after 2003.

The photos could be found from my blog page here.