Sunday trip to Ambattur Tambras Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam

Yesterday I had two pilgrimage destinations to visit.

  1. Mangadu Kamakshi Temple
  2. Menambedu Sri Goverdhanesa Temple

So after starting from Tambaram at 1 PM reached Mangadu around 2.30 PM. Mangadu was less crowded and hence completed the same in less than 30 minutes. At 3 PM took the bus from there to Poonamalee. At Poonamalee, took the bus to Ambattur OT Rakki Theater. After getting down at Rakki Theater, took another bus to Menambedu Alamaram bus stop.

You can easily spot the Bhajanai Koil Street where Krishna temple is located because at the entrance of the street you can find two beautiful Dwarapalakas decorating the street. I called Sridhar Vadhyar since the temple was locked. He informed the local contact and the temple got opened and was started readied for Sahasranama Parayanam.

The Sahasranama Parayanam got completed by 7 PM after which there was some Sankalpam and Prasada Viniyogam. Anjaneya is small, cute and beautiful. The temple history says it had been a bhajanai koil several years ago and they had a temple car also. After which around twenty years back some one installed the new idol of the Lord and made it a regular temple.

The return  journey was still great because of rains. The rain is a symbol of God’s blessings.

You should be finding the photos and videos from my timeline here.


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