Post Pradosham and Two Pradosham Visits to Suruttapalli

It turned all out of the blue for me that on the day of Diwali, I wanted to make a trip to Suruttapalli. This place is 1 km from Uthukkottai and within Andhra Pradesh state border. This place features Lord Shiva in sleeping posture by name ‘Pallikondeswarar’ temple.

Trip on Diwali (October 30): I started from Sembakkam around 11.45. When I reached Tambaram bus stand I was lucky to get 202 (Avadi Bus) that travels via Outer Ring Road instead of slow traffic city roads. The bus reached Avadi around 1.15 PM. After a few minutes wait I got a bus to Periyapalayam (PP). The bus reached PP around 3.30 PM. From there, I came to know that MTC bus to Uthukottai has just crossed so caught the mofussil route and reached Uthukottai. From Uthukottai I got a private bus to Suruttapalli and reached by 4.15 PM. While I could have a glimpse of Pallikondeswarar, Valmikishwarar and Lordess temples were closed for 5 PM Abhishekam. So bought the 25 Rs. ticket and entered that shrine. After having the glimpse of Abhishekam and Maha Arathi, had a circumambulation of the temple and came out at around 6.45 PM.

For the return route, I got a APSRTC bus to Sathyavedu and alighted at Uthukottai. And again took a bus from there to PP. From PP, I travelled to Red Hills. From Red Hills I got a bus to Tambaram (114) and from Tambaram got an Uber to Sembakkam.

I got to know from the temple that October 29 was Pradosham and next two Pradoshams were Shani Maha Pradoshams.

November 12: I had the opportunity to visit Suruttapalli . This time the up route was Sembakkam – Tambaram – Cmbt – Red Hills – Periyapalayam – <fortunately i got a straight bus from here to Suruttapalli> There was a big crowd at the temple and managed to have a glimpse of Nandhi Abhishekam. However there was a serpentine queue for Pallikondeswarar. The volunteering to manage queue at the temple is not that good. So there is a literal commotion at the place where the queue merges into the sanctum sanctorum hall. After having the darshan of the deities took the road from Suruttapalli – Uthukottai – <straight bus> – Red Hills – Tambaram and then Uber to Sembakkam.

November 26: This time the onward trip was powered by 202 whereas the return trip was similar to November 12.


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