Bhutiya Bank Branch of @iobtweet (Indian Overseas Bank) at #medavakkam

A few days back I was waiting near Medavakkam Koot Road and the Uber taxi driver told me that he is standing near Indian Overseas Bank Medavakkam. I was confused and asked him again because AFAIK there is no IOB in Medavakkam at all. So he asked me to slowly walk from Koot Road towards Medavakkam and after a couple of blocks next to Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant there is this branch and I located the Uber.

I just noticed a few things about this branch. It was around 8.30 PM. Most of the other neighborhood buildings are brightly illuminated but the name board of this building or the campus was too dark. Even while crossing the building, it was little scary because of the appearance of this building like haunted house and possession of ghost/spirits.

The Uber driver was telling me that it is indeed the branch and is functional during daytime. However my surprise is that why isn’t a simple lighting of the campus can be given to the building or nameplate. I didn’t believe him and was telling that it might have been functional but most probably they had shifted to a new location because of the fact the signboards did not have lights.

A CpGrams (DEABD/E/2016/12295) posted on 9th October 2016 to the head office hasn’t elicited any response from them yet.


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