Rameswaram – Thiruppullani Weekend

This weekend was a trip to Rameshwaram. Though I had booked for Rameswaram alone at the last minute I had updated my itinerary to include Thiruppullani. So to reach Thiruppullani I got down at Ramanathapuram and moved to Ahobila Mutt cottage there. After the sea sankalpam and bath moved towards the temple for darshan. An interesting and a moving thing happened. Though the court could voice an end of relationship in July 2011, the sankalpams still upheld the relationships. 🙂

The temple was little crowdy and hence after darshan had some food with the priest home there. Had some rest in Ahobila Mutt and then toured around the market. There was a Desikan Sannidhi nearby and had darshan there also. Next day caught the first bus to Ramanathapuram at 5 AM and from there caught a bus to Rameswaram. It was a picturesque view of Pamban bridge as the bus zipped through the same.  Once at Rameswaram completed the sea sankalpam/bath and dips in 22 wells of the temple. After changing clothes at Sringeri Mutt there, completed darshan in the temple. Towards evening started to railway station to get the Sethu Express back to TBM.


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