Nagercoil/Thiruvananthapuram Weekend Pilgrimage

This weekend I had a booking for Nagercoil. Initially the plan was to cover the temples in Nagercoil and Muppanthal Isakki Amman. Eventually Thiruvananthapuram got included in the itinerary. The train I booked was from Chennai Central; the weekly train from MAS to NCJ and in the evening. I was almost late for it and hence had to cover the distance from Park station to Chennai Central platform 6 in  less than 5 minutes. No sooner did I enter my compartment and found my seat than the train started to steam out of the platform. Thanks to the Almighty for making it happen to catch the train in time.

This train, as a co-passenger commented seems to be taking a little longer route through KPD, Thirupathur etc compared to Ananthapuri Express so it reached NCJ by 12.30 PM. So I had some fresh ups in the waiting room of NCJ itself. Compared to other railway zones NCJ (and TVM zone) seems to be maintaining railway stations very well. After that I was trying to find out if some local cab could be booked to visit all neighborhood temples. A FastTrack taxi for four hours could help us out. The following temples we could visit in that time.

  1. Muppanthal Isakki
  2. Mandaikkadu Bhagavathi
  3. Suseenthram Temple

After completing all these temples it was around 7 PM. So I thought instead of halting in NCJ we would rather move to TVM. So we went to TVM and grabbed a hotel room for the night. The next day we completed Thiruvananthapuram temple and Attukkal Bhagavathi temple. Then towards evening we returned to TVM Central station. My ticket was actually from NCJ to TBM. So purchased a short ticket in the same train for TVM to NCJ. Interestingly the TTR never came along in that stretch. 🙂 I was an honest traveller and revenue generator for Indian Railways.

When the train halted at NCJ station had some quick milk from the store there and at TEN (Tirunelveli) junction purchased food for dinner. Then moved up to my berth to get some rest after a two days long hectic pilgrimage.


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