Long weekend vacation to Chennai

The caption might look strange because Chennai is considered a hot place and its closest proximity to the ‘Sun City’ of Vellore. However had a few commitments and hence chose Chennai for this weekend schedule.

  1. SETC has improved a lot. You need not travel to CMBT and then fight through the traffic to reach suburban areas like Tambaram and Chengalput. There are direct buses from/to Shanti Nagar to Tambaram although the frequencies are limited. The bus plies through Chengalput or Padappai.
  2. The weather as usual is shitty and sultry and sucks thanks the previous regime of DMK and the so-called Flyover Minister (MK Stalin) signed scammy deals in favor of his partymen to construct lot of flyovers by deforesting the city and usurping private lands.
  3. A few government departments publicly presented a good gesture but their inertia and weather issues were a kind of irritant to me.
  4. Wherever you commute in the city, buses might be less but autos often block your way seeking to offer a ride for exorbitant rates. I think we should recommend naming Chennai as ‘Auto City’. After all, ‘Auto Shankar’ the dreaded mafia who was hung to death a few years back hailed from Chennai and had tough unbreakable unholy nexus with a lot of politicians and law enforcement keeping them in his control too.
  5. Whenever I stay in Chennai other mundane tasks preempt me off visiting holy places. Perhaps this makes me brand Chennai as a ‘Sin City’.
  6. The two month long dental pain finally found a relief thanks to my dentist, which sends a good positive note.

Back to business early hours of Tuesday!


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