Weekend trip to Maddur Sri Ugra Narasimha Temple

This weekend (5/21) I had a small dilemma because there were multiple temple functions colliding with each other:

  1. 5/20 Hosur Sri Abhayahasta Swayambhu Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (Narasimha Jayanthi)
  2. 5/21 Kanchipuram Garuda Sevai
  3. Visit to Maddur (sourced from Narasimha Darshanam series)

Finally decided on (3). I started early in the morning at about 4 AM and caught the bus to majestic (KBS). It reached around 5.30 AM. After a long crowd at the KSR SBC Bangalore City Railway Station, managed to get the ticket to Maddur. At 6.30 there was a train (Hubli – Mysore Hampi Express). The train reached Maddur around 7.45 PM. The temple was around 3 KMs from the railway station and hence hired an auto for the same.

The temple was scheduled to open only by 8.30 AM. So had a circumambulation of the shrine and visited the following temples:

  1. Sri Ugra Narasimha temple
  2. Sri Varadaraja temple (just next to (1))
  3. Sri Pattabhisheka Rama temple (behind (1))

The Narasimha here is looks little ferocious with Hiranyakashipu on his lap. Prahlada and Garudazhwar near the Thiruvadi of the Lord.

The priest was telling that the special feature of the temple is to conduct Thirumanjanam (three consecutive Thirumanjanams) and the Lord will grant the boons.

After completing the darshan caught the KSRTC bus bound to Bangalore. Interestingly return trip was only till Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand and had maneuver through the traffic to reach Electronic City.


2 thoughts on “Weekend trip to Maddur Sri Ugra Narasimha Temple

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