The secret history of KBS (Majestic) Bus stand in #Bangalore

The Majestic bus stand is known as the central point where entrants and transiters to Bangalore often visit. However as of now the junction points have been divided between it and its peers at Shanti Nagar and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand. However the prominence and significant of Majestic Bus Stand can not be undermined.

  1. The bus stand was named as Kempegowda Bus Stand by one of the former chief ministers of Karnataka in honor of the person who created Bangalore city.
  2. The area of Majestic was previously a big water body a few centuries back. After the water body dried completely and it was confirmed that it can not be a water body henceforth, the place was converted to a bus stand.

Of late there is also a metro station being constructed in the area besides the presence of KBS Bus Station. Also since February 2016, the Bangalore city railway station has been renamed as Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Bangalore railway station however the short code SBC remains the same. KSR was one of the freedom fighters from Belgaum and you can see a statue of KSR near Majestic railway station.


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