A trip to Malleswaram and Iskcon Rajaji Nagar

Today I had a meeting scheduled with some spiritual leader near Malleswaram Railway Station and hence started around 8 AM. I started an hour before 9 AM because 9 to 10.30 is Rahu Kalam on Saturdays. After an hour and a quarter journey to Majestic, found the bus to Malleswaram and got down near 18th cross. I found the way to Malleswaram Railway Station and hence his house. The discussions went on till 11.30 AM. I had some light shopping near the area and after refreshments started from there towards Kuvempu Nagar metro station. However I was not able to figure out the bus to Iskcon (Rajaji Nagar). I had to walk between Kuvempu Nagar Metro and Srirampura Metro Station. Finally discovered that there is no direct bus and hence caught a bus to Navrang Talkies and from there caught another bus to Mahalakshmi Layout Entrance. From here, ISKCON temple is a five to seven minute walk.

Since I had reached the temple around 3.30 PM I had to wait till 4.15 PM for the temple to open. But the amenities in the temple is splendid. Rest rooms, Footwear stand, Queue system etc.  The sanctum sanctorums that the queue visits in that order are:

  1. Sri Prahlada Narasimha
  2. Sri Srinivasa
  3. Sri Radha Krishna (along with Balarama)

One of the ISKCON volunteer asked me to wait till 6 PM because as part of the 12 day Brahmotsavam festival there was Brahmarath scheduled where all the deities would be on the temple car. The Brahmarath decoration was beautiful and we could pull the car too. And en route the Brahmarath, rose petals were rained from top making it a delightful experience. The temple also keeps the area watered to keep it checked under heat waves.  The procession went around the temple for an hour and a half. After having prasadam in the temple started back to Mahalakshmi Layout to catch a bus to Majestic and then onward bus to Bommanahalli to reach home.


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