Monday evening trip to Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

For a while I had been planning to visit Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple but had been postponing it due to some reason or other. Yesterday started a bit early and caught G3 till St. Johns Hospital. Then took KBS 3E till Majestic. From there I took another bus to Malleswaram 15th Cross. After enquiring the address with a couple of shopkeepers reached the temple at around 7.45 PM. It was the evening pooja time and bali peetams were being offered food and thaligai aradhanai to perumal. At around 8 the sanctum sanctorum opened for darshan. Had a good darshan of Perumal. After going through the small line had a glimpse of Perumal very near. Back side of sanctum sanctorum resembles Singaperumal Koil near Tambaram (caved out of rock) and it seems even this Perumal is Swayambhu (came all by Himself). There was lemon rice Prasadam distribution.

Other sannidhis in the temple are:

  1. Sri Chakrathazhwar (with Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar)
  2. Utsava Murthy
  3. Sri Anjaneyar (Chiriya Thiruvadi)

The temple has U mark meaning vadakalai temple and yellow colored indicating affiliation to Ahobila Mutt. When I came out of the temple, I could see three other temples in the vicinity, though did not have time to enter them:

  1. Sri Ganapathy/Murugan temple (hillock)
  2. Sri Gangai Amma Temple
  3. Sri Siva Temple

The contact address for Malleswaram Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is below (for any devotees’ quick reference):

Address: 15th Cross Road, Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003, India

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