Trip to Thirupporur Kandasamy Temple

Today is Thai Kruthikai. So I thought evening I would visit a Murugan temple. So I started a bit early around 3.30 PM and boarded a Adyar bound bus  to get down near Madhya Kailash. Did I mention my intended destination? It is the world-famous Thirupporur Kandasamy Temple which also got featured in Vikram’s Kandasamy film.

After getting down at Madhya Kailash got another bus to Sozhinganallur and from there got a bus to Thirupporur. Thanks to MTC for expanding the city limits to make the journey as much comfortable as possible.  I reached TPR around 5.15 PM. After brief refreshments and finding place to put the shoes, entered the temple. It was around 30 minutes queue but at the sanctum sanctorum it was peaceful without much hustle-bustle to push and pull the people. After a good darshan of Murugan, Deivanai (near the sanctum sanctorum) and Valli (while in the queue) came out of the temple at around 7 PM.

In the temple, I also discovered a new name of Bhairavar. It is Kshetra Palakar. Utsavar moorthy of Murugan was also decorated outside the sanctum sanctorum. The return journey was little different. My initial intent was to get a Tambaram bound bus and I did the same but when the bus reached Kelambakkam, I alighted to switch to Sozinganallur bus to get 95 (to Tambaram East) which would save more time.

That completes a brief narration of my TPR trip.


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