Thiruvadhirai Saturday Pilgrimage

Today being Saturday and also the holy star of Thiruvadhirai in the prime, I felt, I would have a couple of temple visits scheduled. I started early in the morning and went towards Pammal to board the bus for Pozhichalur. In Pozhichalur there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shanidev. It is rightly known as Vada-Thirunallaru. The temple also is significant for Sri Samhara Bhairavar. The temple has lot of dogs too.

After spending around an hour in the temple worshipping Lord Shiva, Lordess Parvathi, Lord Shanidev and Lord Sri Samhara Bhairavar along with small sannidhis for Anjaneyar, Navagraham etc I started from there to reach Tambaram Sanitorium to catch the next bus towards Sriperumbudur. It is around an hour ride from Tambaram. I reached there around noon and after going through little long queue had the darshan of Udayavar (Sri Ramanujar), Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal and Sri Yathiraja Nathavalli Thayar.

After 2 PM had the lunch and started back home for catching a bit of rest.


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