Vaikunta Ekadasi Trip to Thiruneermalai

It had been close to five years now since I visited Thiruneermalai, my favorite Divyadesam where you can find four forms of the Lord:

  1. Kidanthan — Ranganatha Perumal
  2. Nadanthan — Ulagalantha Perumal
  3. Irunthaan — Santha Narasimhar
  4. Ninraan — Neervanna Perumal
I hence started around 4.30 PM from near Ashok Pillar. After a brief bargain with the traffic conditions at Olympia Tech Park and Meenambakkam reached Pallavaram at around 5.15 PM. Looked like the bus stand towards Tambaram where the Pazhanthandalam bus (55A) which serves Thiruneermalai is no longer served by it. I asked the Amma Kudineer counter who told me to take the lane opposite where the bus enters. When I crossed the GST road, the checking inspector who was coming there, told the bus is just parked. But by that time the bus had started. He also helped me to get the bus pulled over so that I can board it. The bus became almost full in a few minutes because it was peak hour.
I reached Thiruneermalai around 6 PM. The buses are no longer allowed near the temple and hence a 7 minute walk from the Koot road is required. However private vehicles and hire autos are allowed though.  I first chose to climb the hill to have the darshan of the first three forms. Though there was a little crowd, the darshan was good. Downhill had the darshan of Sri Bhaktha Anjaneyar.
After climbing down entered the downhill temple where you get to cross the Sorgavaasal which is the highlight of Vaikunta Ekadasi. The Utsavar was also decorated in the majestic fashion.

img 20151221 182614

After having darshan of Perumal, Thaayar (Animamalar Mangai Thayar), Andal, Hanuman and Ramar, started from there to reach Chromepet via Pallavaram and back home.

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