Meru introduces me to App-based Taxi Services

Today morning I alighted from Mumbai Mail to Chennai at around 06.40 AM. With a heavy suitcase on hand,  commuting on a bus is quite herculean task. So I was just wondering what would be the better cost-effective route. Hiring a auto or taxi would cost a fortune. I had seen an advertisement about Meru Cabs and tried to quickly download it on my phone using 3G. And Meru Cabs came in a few minutes. It was an air-conditioned cab. I was quite concerned whether that is going to be little pricey.

But as the destination reached the meter pronounced the bill as 6 Rs. (Total 156. 150 Promo Code + 6 rs. to Pay). The total amount from Chennai Central to Virugambakkam in a private cab for me was 6 (less than what is charged by even Metropolitan Transport Corporation.


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