A Trip to Mumbai

I had an important meeting on 25th and 26th November at Mumbai. Hence started 24th night to Pune station. Yes. The date is indeed interesting. 26/11 in Mumbai and visiting the prime meeting location is enough headache because of heavy traffic to security arrangements.

Though I just had an open ticket got hold of the TTE to purchase an ‘Excess Fare Ticket’ for Mumbai Express from Chennai which came around 12 AM on 25th. The train rolled in to VT (now CST) station around 5 AM. It was another short trip by Andheri Fast train and reached there by 5.40 AM. After checking in to a hotel in Andheri and brief fresh-ups headed over to the meeting at Bandra around 10 AM. Though the meeting got over by 1 PM, I just thought instead of returning back to the hotel and wasting time I would do a little outing. I hence caught a bus to Mahalakshmi temple. Bandra to Mahalakshmi (and yes, the place itself is known by the same name) took around an hour in the traffic. After visiting the temple headed back to the hotel in Andheri around 8 PM.

The second day as usual headed up to the meeting at 9 AM. But now I had the baggage too because I had to check out. After the meeting at 1 PM, I preferred a visit to Prabhadevi (Siddhi Vinayak temple). Prabhadevi is near Dadar and hence had to take a bus from Bandra to Borivali and a fast train to Dadar. From Dadar there are shared taxi rides to and fro for Siddhi Vinayak temple. After a little long wait in the queue and completing the darshan of Lord Ganapathy, returned back to Dadar to catch the Shivneri bus back to Pune at 3 PM.


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