The Weekend Stay at Homestead, Chantilly

Since my contract with the existing client was over on 23rd September 2011, the helpdesk had to put me in Homestead for a couple of days before they could finalize my trip to North Carolina. So I had to bid adieu to Manassas, returning all the client’s stuff to them, keys to the apartment personnel, register a mail hold/forwarding request with USPS etc. I had a cabbie friend called ‘Zafar’ who earlier helped me in my trip to Atlanta. He in fact dropped by and helped me move the luggages to Homestead Hotels in Chantilly. Even this stay was going to be short because the actual person booking the trip was not there.

I had to quickly buy some two day grocery in the neighborhood desi store. Heaven knows why Manassas is devoid of Indian stores/food and interestingly spent an year there. Typical exile or incarceration? I fondly hope that this reduces my bad karma to a significant extent. On Sunday evening the helpdesk called me that next week till I get North Carolina ticket I can stay in Four Points Manassas which is more a luxury hotel with complimentary breakfasts too.

On the short stay at Chantilly I had an interesting dream. It looked like I am watching a movie called ‘Raman Thediya Seethai’. The next day when I wake up and searched if there was some movie like that. Though the scenes within the dream movie didn’t match but it the real movie by Cheran was very an excellent master-piece and in some ways Cheran illustrates the happenings in our life quite lucidly.

So I had to do a checkout on Monday to Four Points Manassas again.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend Stay at Homestead, Chantilly

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