A trip to Philadelphia …

Today I had to get up really as early since I have a meeting with some one in Philadelphia. The travel desk had booked a Amtrak ticket from Washington DC Union Station to the destination and a return ticket around the same day evening. After reaching Union Station early in the morning  I gulped a few bites of breakfast at Sborros and went to the waiting hall. Suddenly a thought struck me whether I had turned off the stoves. I remember using the stove in the morning to brew some fresh coffee. I tried to call my neighbor in the same apartment and tried to get the Apartment emergency team.

The apartment emergency team called me back to take permission to enter my apartment and then confirmed that things are intact. After two hours train ride, I reached the destination. It was raining all along. The client’s employee sighted me and offered a ride to the destination. It was not a pre-agreed but we met each other just like that. After the discussions and quick lunch at an Indian restaurant, I started back around 4 PM and reached Washington DC around 6.30 PM. The last bus to Manassas at West Falls Church metro as per my knowledge was 7 PM. Can I reach West Falls Church that quick or am I going to shell sixty bucks for a taxi? I chose to go to West Falls Church because even otherwise taxi from Union Station is going to cost the fortune. The other way was through Manassas VRE but that train had already departed

When I reached West Falls Church I just realized that there was one more bus at 8.45  So I managed to wait there for a while and took the bus to reach the apartment.


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