A few inspiring highway quotes …

You can see a lot of signages on the hot lanes where Virginia Department of Transporatation have put this signages. The bottomline of the story is that when you see such boards you are expected to turn off your mobile phones and exercise heightened vigil over the wheel and the road. You can find more information about this practice from their website over here. You may not be aware that Texting whilst on wheel is considered a serious driving offence at least in the state of Virginia.

As always it is recommended to stay off the wheel when under the influence of alcohol.

Elsewhere in Asia Pacific you can observe a similar innovative road signage put up by Himachal Pradesh state government in many of its hilly roads.  Basically their objective is to have illuminated roads thus making it safer and secure for drivers all through their journey. The code name for the project in Himachal Pradesh is ‘Project Deepak’.

A few good things from Chennai City Traffic Police towards the metropolitan roads are:

If you have a similar observation share it across with us as comments.


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