A Thursday Evening Saturday South Asian Meet at Buddha Bar DC

A friend of mine suggested that I register for the South Asian Networking Meet at Buddha Bar DC. Ideally speaking the networking meet has been envisaged amongst the South Asians that have got over here through the Facebook platform.  We started around from the workplace around 4.30 PM. GPS indicated that arrival time was 5.40 PM. However the plan was short-lived as no sooner than we crossed Vienna Metro than we got stuck in a heavy DC-outbound traffic.

After inching slowly we reached the hotel around 7 PM. Finding a parking spot in DC and NY is another herculean task. Fortunately we found a flat rate parking quite near the hotel. The hotel had another interesting policy. Sneakers are not allowed. Now we had another big issue. Fortunately my friend got hold of the event manager who helped us out this mess.

At 8.30 we just started back home. I was intending to stay in my friend’s place at Fairfax and then return home on Friday morning. On Friday morning I started from the place to reach George Mason University where my friend recently graduated from and he helped me in university shuttle to the mall and from the mall I took a bus to my residence.


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