LDVoyage — Migration Notes

Dear Reader,

http://deepak.blogdrive.com/ would not be disturbed. You can still read the posts there however future posts onto my travelog would be captured in LDVoyage. I am also in the process of importing the posts for a quicker reference and comprehensive migration onto LDVoyage.   The migration (LD_ImportEngine) follows the protocol as outlined below:

  1. The migrator script would get all the posts on the same date of migration as in LDVoyage instead of back-dating it which might confuse blog readers because the blog creation date and post creation date may not tally.
  2. The migrator would append a footer line to the posts in this fashion: <div style=’font-size:9px;font-family:Verdana,sans-serif;’><br><br><b>LD_ImportEngine_Notification: Originally posted on <a href=’http://deepak.blogdrive.com’>http://deepak.blogdrive.com</a&gt; on <i>$blogdate $blogtime</i></b></div><br>
  3. The migrator is written in PHP script. I would also like to share this out from my Google Project Hosting (ldutils) for the benefit of community and evolved development of the same.
Trust these make things clearer and easier for readers to follow and catch up with the newer platform.

One thought on “LDVoyage — Migration Notes

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