A few minutes stop-over at Capitol en route New York…

Today whilst travelling to New York for Tamil New Years Day I had a few hours wait at Union Station (DC). The time I reached Union Station was at 07:30 AM and my bus to NY was only at 11.30 AM. So effectively I had good amount of hours to spend in the neighborhood of Union Station. A few quick places to tour around it were:

  1. US Capitol
  2. The Supreme Court Buildings
  3. Senate Offices

I  had to start early from my place because I have very little public transportation to the nearest Metro stations. I had some quick bites in the Union Station and then was trying to find go around the place. After a little touring around the place when I came back at 9.30 AM to Union Station I was observing that the first Bolt Bus to New York was starting. The driver asked me my timing and I replied 11.30. He was kind enough to adjust a free transfer to his bus. So instead of waiting around and wasting two hours I could board the bus to New York at 9 AM itself.

The bus started to roll out of Union Station on its way to New York and my mind …


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