A trip to Thirunallar

Yesterday night I had a scheduled pilgrimage trip to Thirunallar. I am moving off Chennai in a day or two. Before that I have a humble feeling that I need to worship Shani and not sure when would be my trip back to Tamil Nadu again. The trip to CMBT was during the peak hour and somehow managed to get a seat near the driver.

Whilst the bus was nearing Ashok Pillar my mobile was beeping with a near-dear number based in the city of Trichinopoly flashing. Though the call started calmly, I could sense a storm in it. I virtually capsized at the cyclonic siege of the storm. Whilst my stand through the issues that have been prevailing throughout was to ensure peace and integrity this particular call literally branded me ‘violently guilty’ of everything.

After the wireless ruckus for forty minutes was over, I called my better half to see if she at home is getting that call. In many ways, I feel, she is better than me handling such seiges and she instantly diagnosed as an emotional outburst and could silence the other parties in no time besides beaming of ray of hope and peace to me in a remote control fashion.

We managed to get the bus to Pondicherry and from there reached Thirunallar in the morning. After the holy dip in the temple tank we visited the temple. The queue at the temple was stretching even beyond the entrance. Braving the sun we managed to enter the temple after some visit. We had darshan of the deities and came out around 10.30 PM. After quick bites of lunch in nearby restaurants we got the next bus towards Chennai.

Since the bus was on the Villupuram route, I could easily get down at Tambaram instead of reaching till CMBT and coming back again.


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