A date with Airtel and Friendly Back Support of BSNL …

A whilst back I reported that I have converted my Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid. In 48 hours there was a pleasant turning point. Instead of converting the account to prepaid these guys restricted the account because they didn’t receive the identification documents. Interestingly the center which processed my migration was Airtel Relationship Center in Chetput.

Since anyways I had a trip towards Mylapore I just paid a visit to Oceanic Towers (Santhome) to see what it was. The guys as usual didn’t have anything concrete other than to take a fresh copy of the application and documents. Hopefully now they have the documents in fact because it was submitted in Airtel headquarters of Chennai itself. I really wonder how much paper consumption these guys are making because of their ‘shady’ activities.

The migration seemed to be taking 48 hours but I badly needed a connection because a few incidents that was happening currently in my day to day life was like that. BSNL came to my rescue. There was a BSNL franchise in Santhome who helped me out with a Pay As You Go plan and the connection was activated just in one hour.

Waiting for the number portability to strike and then I think we need to throw off Airtel.


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