Postpaid to prepaid …

The number portability is currently being planned out in the country. Besides the same my current mobile bills are little going out of control. Hence I was seriously considering to see if I can move the postpaid bills to pay as you go plans.  Today I took a day off and made a visit to Bharti Airtel showroom in Chetput.  Are you surprised why did I travel all the way to Chetput from Tambaram when there are so many Airtel showrooms out en route. That is another story. I needed to visit Sodexo India office to get some of the expired coupons validated. Let me describe it in a separate post.

The Airtel Showroom wanted a separate application form to be filled along with a couple of address and identification proofs. Whilst I could get the photocopy of my driving license and the PAN card at a nearby xerox shop I had to wait a while at a nearby photo studio to get the photographs. I paid the outstanding balance till date and surrendered the postpaid connection. They gave a time of twenty four hours after which my mobile would start ticking in Pay As You Go (aka) prepaid plans.

After finishing these I took my journey to workplace. Today I had swapped my work to night-shift because of the day-long processes which I had to complete.


2 thoughts on “Postpaid to prepaid …

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