A Visit to Sodexo Chennai Office

I had briefly mentioned about my visit to Sodexo Chennai in my recent post in Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid here. I almost had about 3000 INR worth of Sodexo coupons which had expired last year. The reason for expiry was that I was thinking it was pocketpicked and lost in a trip to Bangalore. But the catch was that I had misplaced it my Bangalore friends house. He found the same whilst he was cleaning his apartment and couriered the same to me. Whilst the Sodexo Call Center was courteously guiding me that after a 20 per cent deduction the same can be revalidated the Chennai office was unduly delaying. I wasn’t sure if they were expecting something ‘under-table’ or ‘over-table’ illegal gratifications.

Today I just thought would figure this out and paid a personal visit to Sodexo Chennai office. After a long haggling one Mr. Seshan (assistant to Sodexo Chennai head Mr. Anoop Nambiar) agreed to send me the exact vouchers and on receipt of which I needed to register post the coupons to them.


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